We will make sure that investment is spread evenly across the whole country

Present Situation

For nearly half a century investment in areas outside London and the Southeast has been practically non-existent. This is the case certainly in terms of what is required to ensure a healthy balanced economy. Investment has tended towards certain industries that show massive returns such as pharmaceuticals and oil. Many of the industries that sustained the areas outside the South East have long gone, leaving behind poorly paid work, poverty, and crime in their wake

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The decline in some of these industries need not have been an issue. There has been a steady decline in coal usage in the UK over the last half century and there is a recognition that we need to remove away from coal to cleaner alternatives. Where the issue lies is in the fact that governments lacked the vibrancy to build new industries where old ones died. As well as many industries dying, others moved manufacturing abroad to countries with lower costs. Again this didn’t need to be a bad thing. A government that wished to protect its people should have looked to invest in R&D to create new and high value alternatives.

The result of these changes was to devastate many communities. The UK moved its focus to financial markets ensuring that London and the Southeast became the only areas to be seen to thrive. Not that the majority do thrive in any areas of the UK. In fact, London doing well can be a nightmare for poorer residents who can no longer afford to live close to their place of work.

Many in the UK pride themselves in being the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world based on GDP. The problem with GDP is that it bears no relation to the amount of money people have and does not reflect quality of life. As shown in Figure 1 GDP is focused in a particular part of the UK and even then it bears no relation to how much of it filters down to the general population.

If you take GDP and divide it by the UK population (GDP per capita) you’ll find us way down the list at position 28.

It is worth pointing out that GDP and GDP per capita mean very little in the scheme of things. Even if it did reflect the wealth of the population our GDP is overstated as we have many foreign owned corporations that repatriate their profits. We covered it here because it shows how we are misled with figures that mean absolutely nothing to the situation faced by most people while also showing how different areas of the country compare.

What Rise will do

Rise recognises the need to invest ambitiously and fairly in the whole of the UK. Our Investment Bank will have Regional Development Banks focused on bringing investment to all areas in infrastructure, R&D, and enterprise. Our Investment Bank will oversee the process to ensure regional activity compliments the whole. For the first time in half a century we will ensure a joined-up economy ensuring a joined-up country.

One of the areas where Rise will make a massive difference is that we will provide much wider funding to councils. For example councils will not be expected to find the funds locally for essential services like Fire, Policing, and Infrastructure Improvements. By funding councils properly this will allow councils to focus council tax on schemes to improve their county, cities, towns, and villages. Linking council tax to improving quality of life will ensure people know which councillors are passionate and dedicated to their area of responsibility, as well as giving our beleaguered towns a much-needed boost.

The retail arm of our Investment Bank will return branches to the high street, placing services in Post Offices and Shops.

Rise will create a social revolution in the UK that will see a vibrant economy serving the people. We will end austerity and the resulting stagnation that is turning many parts of the UK into a wasteland.

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