Mandatory Vaccinations and Vaccine Passports

Rise state bodily autonomy and freedom of choice are natural rights.

We recognise there is no open discussion allowing people to access the global scientific research on the covid pandemic. As usual, governments are contractual hostages to large corporations resulting in a haphazard approach and chaotic delivery.

Health and Care workers have been on the Covid frontline for the duration and will continue to take precautionary measures such as PPE. A mandatory vaccine doesn’t stop them catching or transmitting Covid. The new rules place health and care workers under unreasonable pressure to choose between their job and their bodily autonomy, detrimentally impacting all of society. The loss of health workers will undermine an already overstretched health service, leading to worse healthcare outcomes for communities.

Vaccine passports are pointless and divisive. Regardless of vaccination status Covid can still be caught and transmitted which renders vaccine passports unfit for purpose while damaging small to medium businesses and industry.

Rise are fundamentally opposed to mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports and will support campaigns against them.

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4 thoughts on “Mandatory Vaccinations and Vaccine Passports”

  1. Sanchia-Bella Hanson

    Thank you for defending the human rights of care workers and taking a sensible approach to this whole situation. I work on the front line.

  2. christine redmond

    I see no justified reason for frontline NHS Workers to be forced to have the vaccine, this is not right at all and when i see people who have studied for many long years and now having to leave their jobs because they do not see the point in having a vaccine which will not stop them catching or spreading covid i strongly am against it.They have worked right through the pandemic and will carry on doing so a also strongly feel it will not end her and next it will be forced on public too, THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN.It is agains all our human rights.

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