Implement an extensive social homes building programme

High quality social housing

Everyone has the right to a warm and comfortable home. We will ensure nobody will be without a home due to financial constraints or personal circumstances.

Rise will deliver a new social housebuilding programme which is always ongoing to meet changing and future needs. A national housing department will be responsible for overall control and planning of our social housing rollout. We will also establish a duty on councils to plan and build social homes working with the housing department.

We will fund councils to build homes which are more affordable than private market housing and built to higher standards as well as funding a decent homes programme to bring all social housing up to an excellent standard. Our social homes will be fitted out with the highest quality equipment such as cookers, washing machines and fridges.

Rise will scrap the bogus definition of affordable, set as high as 80% of market rents, and replace it with a definition based on our automatic tax credit.

We’ll give the housing department the powers and funding to buy back homes from private landlords to ensure we quickly increase the housing stock.

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At the moment children may lose housing due to a parent death. We would give tenants secure tenancies that are inherited by the children if the property is their residence.

One of the biggest problems for social housing tenants has been regeneration schemes which have pushed out long-term tenants. Rise would ensure regeneration only goes ahead when it has the consent of residents, and that all residents are offered a new property on the same site and terms.

One of the major causes of house inflation and shortages has been investors buying up properties and leaving them empty. We would ban overseas companies buying housing and increase tax on second homes to disincentivise house hoarding. This would include bringing empty homes back into use by giving councils new powers to tax properties empty for over a year. Leasehold properties are a nightmare for owners and often lead to exorbitant charges. We will end the sale of new leasehold properties, abolish unfair fees and conditions, and give leaseholders the right to buy their freehold at a price they can afford as well as introducing equivalent rights for freeholders on privately owned estates.

This is a policy paper, in this case highlighting a key policy. Our key policies can be found on our policy hub here. The individual policies that make up this key policy and other housing key policies can be found here. It is well worth taking a look. We have some important and radical policies.

If you would like to find out more about our housing policies you can read our detailed article here.

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