Promote through our policies the Social Model of disability throughout society

What is the Social Model?

“The Social Model of Disability is a way of viewing the world, developed by those living with disabilities. The model says that people are disabled by barriers in society, not by their impairment or difference.

Barriers can be physical, like buildings not having accessible toilets or they can be caused by people’s attitudes to difference, like assuming disabled people can’t do certain things.

The social model helps us recognise barriers that make life harder for disabled people. Removing these barriers creates equality and offers disabled people more independence, choice, and control.” (1)

Delivering the Social Model

  • Where a disabled person cannot access a building then the problem lies with the building not the disabled person. The Social Model would ensure all buildings are fully accessible.
  • Audio books would be published at the same time as the written version to ensure a person with visual impairment has equal access.
  • If a disabled person wants to live independently in their own home, the Social Model recognises their right to full support monetarily, mentally, and physically.
  • Disabled people should have full and independent access to transport and support when needed.

Some of our policies that support the Social Model

EQ099Promote through our policies the social model of disability throughout society
EQ100We will ensure that disabled people can be independent and equal in society, with choice and control over their own lives
EQ101Ensure all workplaces can support everyone including those with disabilities
EQ102End disability discrimination and update the Equality Act to introduce new specific duties including disability leave, paid and recorded separately from sick leave
EQ103Ensure private house renters must clearly state property accessibility status
EQ149Introduce National Independent Living Support Service (NILSS)
EQ150Increase Employment and Support Allowance
EQ152Ensure that severely disabled people without a formal carer receive extra support
EQ154Help disabled people who want to work by bringing back specialist employment advisors
EQ156Ensure all new builds provide access to all people and are made adaptable where possible
GF092Ensure accessibility to trains, buses and all transport services for disabled people
GF093Ensure safe staffing levels and end driver-only operation


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