Pockets and Wallets

There was a time when the UK was positioned to grow into a society that provided for all, but instead chose the route of finance and credit. Four wasted decades where society has gone backwards. Did the promises of 40 years ago ever include a low wage economy, with ever reducing home ownership and levels of poverty growing year on year? The promises of more leisure time turned out to be less leisure time, a lower quality of life and a worsening outcome for all.

There are two categories attached to money with us being in the wrong one. There is a category where those in power control the money supply which cements their power and influence. Those in this category own the money. Then there is us. We are the ones who are owned by money. We may well be in a power bubble where the owners allow us in their service to control elements of our lives, but as a whole we lack security of money. We can scrabble away and possibly become monied enough to feel safe from the struggle for survival and even feel we sit above the stress of having it removed. But as a whole we have very little power and even those that can say they feel secure, should consider the kind of society the present model creates.

If you have enough do you feel yourself safe from growing crime? To secure your possessions against those in severe need will you welcome more and more gated communities, private security companies and the constant fear for your safety?

Consider our governments of the last 40 odd years and how they have promoted debt. Mortgage debt, student debt and debt to meet the basics of life. Those that own the money have chained us in debt and even those without debt often lead a precarious existence. There is the biblical text “the love of money is the route of all evil”. What this actually means is that control over money and resources gives a person power. Power corrupts by its very nature. When a political party states how they will improve things when they are in power, by their very words they reveal the power dynamic where they can choose what is best for you. So far they have made very poor choices and will continue to do so if you let them.

Rise will take society to where it should have been by now. We will break the power of the establishment once and for all. We will create a modern society where people reap the rewards of a more automation, rather than automation being used to push down wages, increase establishment control and pauperise the majority of society. Rise sees government as the servants of a free society ensuring an end to increasing polarisation.

This particular article covers how we will reduce the cost to individuals in society. Of course there is more to ending servitude than cutting costs and removing debt and we have many radical policies to empower people.  We intend to end poverty, end indebtedness, and create an excellent quality of life.

It seems there is a charge for everything these days. Providing services as a necessity for a fair society seem to have gone out the window. You drop somebody off at an airport, they’ll charge you. You want to use a public toilet, if you can find one, you’ll likely be charged. A new passport will cost you a fortune compared with many other countries. In fact privatisation hasn’t seen an efficiency increase, only added cost to you.

We may well be accused of being in favour of a nanny state, but we are actually in favour of the opposite. We believe the state has a duty to provide the foundation of a fair society. Only when people are not stressed about housing, health, education and where their next meal will come from are they free.


All civic transport will be free. This includes rail, bus, coach, and tram. See our paper Creating a Transport Revolution for details on how the accessibility of civic transport will be radically improved. Transport is critical to ensuring cohesion and mobility in our society. We see it as a right and it is prime example of where public money can be targeted to improve our quality of life. Transport decisions and provision should not be hindered by profit targets.

Renewable Energy

We will balance our energy provision between large national networks and localised networks. The national networks will provide energy through onshore, offshore wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, green hydrogen etc. Localised networks will provide energy through solar, local wind farms etc.

We will research whether safer nuclear solutions, such as thorium reactors are viable and introduce where necessary.

In terms of energy being free there is a balance required. If energy is free then it is likely there will be higher consumption which is far from ideal where fossil fuels are still in the mix. To introduce free energy provision we will do the following:

  • Fully fund the building of local energy networks such as solar and wind. This will create a new industry in the UK. There was a successful industry for provision of solar panels to homes post 2010, but the government then cut back on subsidies, pretty much destroying the fledgeling businesses. We will also create local wind farms. Maintenance of these wind farms will be provisioned by a small, variable fee per household managed at a local level.
  • Fund the creation of a national network for renewable energy provision. The network will be publicly owned enterprises. Energy provided through this network will be free to the consumer.
  • Where fossil fuel energy is consumed it will be charged for. For example:
    • 20% of energy for a district is via fossil fuels. In this case the householders will be charged for that energy. As the renewable energy is finite, any increase in energy usage would increase their energy costs.
    • Where a district is fully relies of renewables they will receive energy free of charge.
    • To protect a district from rogue users who are forcing up their costs by using the majority of extra energy, the rogue users will be charged for the excesses energy. The drive will be to work with districts to reduce their energy bills to zero.
  • All houses will be fully insulated and energy saving equipment will be provided in civic housing.
  • We will eradicate fuel poverty once and for all as well as improving the UKs fuel security.
  • It is too much to ask everybody to afford to electric vehicles and we will look to ways of assisting those purchases.
  • The sheer size of converting everybody away from fossil fuels will mean that to have completely removed them by 2030 is too ambitious. Physically it cannot be achieved. Our aim is to radically impact their usage to the point where they are an insignificant element in energy provision.
  • The UK to become non reliant on foreign imports of oil and gas (especially gas).
  • No more coal.
  • An end to shipping wood chips across the world for energy and then labelling the resulting energy as zero carbon.
  • Ban none-green hydrogen production and use, such as blue hydrogen.

School Meals

The need to ensure children receive excellent nutrition is key to both their education and their personal welfare. Government doesn’t refuse to feed children because it can’t afford to, it refuses because of the ideology they promote that money is scarce. This enables them to hold onto power by holding onto money. They want people to think that something as simple as feeding children cannot be achieved without risk to the economy. The opposite is true. The economy would benefit from well fed and well-educated children. Rise will provide children’s meals when they are at school, including breakfast and an evening meal.

Social Care

If the UK is progressing and if our economy has grown in the last 40 odd years, how is it we provide less and less support. The government has just increased National Insurance (a regressive tax that Rise will scrap) as well as introducing a grab on people’s assets to pay for social care. As is the nature of government they have targeted the poorest in society to carry the heaviest burden. We work our lives away, increasing the wealth of the establishment, pay vast sums out for insurance and in the end the government walk away from their side of the deal. Don’t let them mislead you with “where will the money come from?”. We can afford decent social care.

Health Care

We are building a whole section on health care which will cover how governments have thrown away our health service. They haven’t sold it and can easily say “the health service is not for sale”. They’ve replaced it with purchased services. The NHS is a purchasing consortium. The next government, whoever they may be, will introduce compulsory insurance with the private sector. They’ll still spend as much money with the NHS as they do now, but that will be to subsidise big business as it does in the USA, South Africa and even some European countries. Rise will bring the NHS back fully into public ownership. Keep an eye on our newsletters and website as over the next months we reveal our plans for the NHS.

Child Care

Childcare will be free for all pre-school children

Student fees

We will ensure education is free and available throughout a person’s lifetime. We feel strongly that Further Education needs a large investment, so it is available to all at any time. For some education later in life is a second chance, and for others it can be a lifestyle choice. Whatever the reason for Higher or Further education it must always be treated as an integral part of society.  We will also write off the student fee debt.

There are other areas where we’ll greatly reduce the burden that society places on people. Also see our paper on Auto Tax Credits for another way we will empower us all or review all our policies at our Policy Hub. Even better, be part of the decision making process by joining us.

Just a few of the policies covered by this article

Policy IDPolicy
GF040Introduce and expand free distributed and community energy
GF083Build a free, sustainable, accessible and integrated transport system
PS150Free school meals for all school children, including breakfast clubs, and after school clubs
PS100 Social Care will be free for all as with other health services.
PS118All preschool children will be entitled to free childcare
PS167Abolish tuition fees and write off existing tuition fee debt.
PS024End and reverse privatisation in the NHS in the next Parliament
PS044Provide free hospital parking for patients, staff and visitors and return car-parks to NHS ownership.

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