Rise is extremely careful with your money. In fact for anything we need to buy we work in Rise currency. So if something is £100 we say it is 4 memberships. This helps to focus on where we are spending members money.

Should you resign, on annual subscriptions, we refund prorata the remaining full days on your membership (minus a £2 handling fee to cover our costs).

Why Join?
Decide party policy. There are no block votes.
Choose your constituency candidates for local and national elections.
Be the force behind the party. Rise is not centrally controlled.
Influence the rule book and constitution.
Be involved as much as you wish.
Membership fees fund community projects, not a massive party machine.
We promote the political growth of our members.
No discounted yearly rates. Our membership prices are reasonable for all.
By keeping fees low, those with more resources can donate if they wish.