End contract cronyism

It is apparent that MPs favour their friends, connections and themselves when handing out contracts. A prime example of this is the case Samir Jassal and his business partner Surbjit Shergill who were awarded PPE contracts. Although civil servants brought to attention of ministers that the price for their PPE was double the average rate, ministers insisted the contract should go ahead. These contracts to Pharmaceuticals Direct amounted to over £130million. Shergill’s own company was worth £200 prior to being awarded the contract in 2020 and was worth £10million in 2021. It is only the work of the Good Law Project that dragged it into the light or else we would never know. To see the full story watch the shocking video here. This is one of many cases of corruption that has been identified.

Senior MPs back these contracts regardless of how blatant the corruption, knowing full well that no action will be taken against them. Billions of pounds are spent on corrupt contracts while the government says it cannot afford social care or to keep the Universal Credit uplift.

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This is not just the Conservatives. Other parties are fully aware of this corruption and by not speaking out or by not taking legal action, as the Good Law Project have, they are colluding in the corruption. All government ministers are benefiting from the corruption in directorships. Donors are being awarded peerages based on how they’ve helped political careers.

MPs are public servants and should not have the power to use their place in government to line pockets and promote their own opportunities and wealth.

What will Rise do?

  1. MPs will not be permitted to hold second jobs while in public service
  2. MPs will not be allowed to hold shares or directorships in companies or charities for 5 years after being in public service as MPs
  3. MPs will not be allowed to recommend a company or charity for a contract or be involved in any way with the governmental contract decision-making process
  4. MPs will not have access to governmental contract information to ensure they cannot inform friends or relatives of the bidding information and the Civil Service will use blind tenders to try avoid opportunities for corruption
  5. MPs held to a higher standard than the general public and anti-corruption measures will be enshrined in legislation with significant prison sentences

Note: MPs refers to members of both parliaments (House 1 and 2).

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