Decriminalise and Regulate Recreational Drugs and Provide the Necessary Support Services

The war on drugs doesn’t work. Demonising drug users is counterproductive. Drug abuse (rather than drug use) should be treated as a medical condition, as alcohol abuse is.

America is a perfect example where criminalisation of drug use has led to sentencing that is disproportionate to the charge. The court system supplies privately owned prisons with high inmate numbers from which they profit. Prisoners in turn are exploited as slave labour. Criminalising people has become a profit opportunity rather than a route to rehabilitation. The UK will follow this model if we allow it. Serco, Sodexo and G4S run many of our prisons at a massive cost to the public purse and it is in their interest to increase prisoner numbers.

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What would Rise do?

  • Create a board to consult with scientists to fully document the impact of each drug so that people have access to information to make a considered decision.
  • Provide drug cessation facilities and support centres. These facilities will:
    • Monitor the use and long-term impact of pharma as well as recreational drugs and assist in the cessation where necessary.
    • Enable direct referrals to other support services such as where somebody is taking drugs to deal with personal issues.
    • Provide the necessary drugs to allow people to withdraw without going cold turkey. This will not include the prescription of harmful drugs such as Methadone where it is not the drug they are wishing to withdraw from.
  • Disrupt illegal drug distribution by licencing drugs to ensure they do not contain harmful substances in the same way alcohol was licenced to ensure safe provision, creating a managed retail market.


  • End criminal drug gang activity in the UK.
  • Stop criminalising people for taking recreational drugs whatever the reason.
  • Reduce drug related crime.
  • Improve health and reduce drug related deaths by ensuring drugs are free from harmful additives.
  • Regulate and label drug potency allowing consumers to make informed choices.
  • Provide support services where individuals require them.
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EQ287Decriminalise and Regulate Recreational Drugs and Provide the Necessary Support Services

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