Rise is a member led political party. We will redefine the political structure, to achieve reform and to promote an equitable society for all.

Our members will be at the heart of their communities. It shouldn’t be about spending vast sums on marketing at election time, it should be about being embedded in communities so that we are the voters’ natural choice.

We believe:

  • Everyone should be able to have somewhere to call home, and that it is affordable.
  • Companies should pay their employees properly so that they can enjoy a decent standard of living.
  • Those who aren’t able to work should be properly supported, rather than demonised.
  • Education should be excellent and free throughout a lifetime.
  • Everyone benefits from a fairer and more rounded society.
  • The government has a central role to play in serving the people.
  • Some things are naturally publicly owned, such as health, transport, water and energy supply.

Our members decide our policies. The public makes sure we deliver them. The party makes it happen. We won’t win power; we’ll win the right to serve the people.

They say it can’t be done and that no new party can thrive in the UK. They would say that. Let’s show them that the old political system is dead and let’s build something new, modern, and vibrant.

Key Contacts

Jean WatsonPersonnel
Kay MeadesMedia
Michael DakinLeader and Operations
Should you experience or recognise any disability issues accessing this site, then please do not hesitate to contact us (contact@riseparty.org.uk)

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