Key Policies


Key Policies sum up a number of our specific policies into a header. They highlight the progressive nature of Rise. We reject the idea policy should be decided by a historical approach under the guise of being pragmatic. A broken country, where governments are so unimaginative and lacking in capability, needs to look to what it can be, not what it has been.

Important to forming key policy and the corresponding over 700 specific policies is our membership. The policies that underline our party will be defined by our membership. Our political representatives such as councillors and MPs will not represent the party. They will not represent their interpretation of our policies, they will represent the policies for the people.

For a more detailed view of our policies visit our polices page where there is a video explaining how our policies are formulated. Alternatively go to our Policy Hub and take a look around. Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Break the cycle of contract cronyism
  • Abolish the House of Lords and create a democratic 2nd House
  • Decentralise power and respect self-determination while supporting UK voluntary federalism
  • Introduce automatic voter registration
  • Abolish direct donations to MPs
  • Restrict donation size to political parties
  • Abolish paid lobbying
  • Abolish acting MPs holding a job outside parliament
  • Reduce MP salaries to the national average


  • Healthcare publicly owned and free at point of need  
  • Immediate minimum 15% pay-rise for health workers 
  • Invest in the NHS 
  • Free training for health workers 
  • Scrap parking charges for NHS staff, patients, and visitors
  • Invest heavily in social and mental health care and ensure all health services and agencies are working cohesively
  • Protect and invest in local hospitals and health clinics 
  • Re-introduce free eye and dental care 
  • Create a National Pharmaceutical Agency to ensure fair access and pricing for drugs to both the NHS and developing countries  
  • Health workers to receive minimum rate of inflation pay rises 
  • Bring the NHS back into full state control
  • Re-establish health visitors
  • Remove surcharge for migrant workers 
  • Ensure a proactive and preventative health service 
  • Ensure no barriers to equality in health services
  • Free prescriptions for all


  • Free childcare for all pre-school children  
  • Reintroduce SureStart  
  • Free life-long education 
  • Scrap early-years formal testing  
  • Bring education back into public control
  • Reintroduce adequate maintenance grants 
  • Build student accommodation and ensure it is publicly owned 
  • Scrap Ofsted 
  • Scrap performance pay 
  • Abolish private and grammar schools and base all schools on the Finnish system 
  • Scrap tuition fees 
  • Redefine degrees so technical degrees from FE / HE hold the same weight 
  • Adopt secular public education system 
  • Free meals in school for all children up to 16
  • Schools will provide free childcare from 7:30am – 6pm
  • Major investment in buildings and equipment


  • Improve quality of existing and new-build social housing 
  • Implement an extensive social homes building programme
  • Create housing association regulator to remove rogue associations  
  • Radical restructure of housing
  • End non-residents purchasing homes as an investment  
  • Scrap leaseholds  
  • Heavily legislate temporary lets such as Airbnb 
  • End Homelessness
  • City Rent Caps
  • End corporate property and land hoarding

Green Future

  • Create an investment bank with charter to invest in green programmes, R&D, and businesses 
  • Responsible manufacturers of renewable technology  
  • Convert British homes to the highest energy-efficiency standards  
  • Bring energy supply into public ownership
  • Legislate for fully recyclable packaging and invest in recycling facilities 
  • Build a sustainable, affordable, accessible, and public integrated transport system  
  • Major investment in natural flood defences  
  • Legislate to protect marine environment 
  • Legislate to ensure farms protect the environment 
  • Restore woodlands with indigenous planting
  • Divert defence industry into green market


  • Global peacemakers not warmongers 
  • Weapons only for defence, not for international sales  
  • Recognise the state of Palestine 
  • Scrap trident and invest the monies saved in building highly skilled green industries  
  • Ensure our armed forces personnel are properly supported, both during and post services  
  • Promote International Human Rights 
  • Withdraw from NATO


  • Capping director salary to no more than 10 times the lowest paid employee
  • Union representation is a legal right 
  • Increase central government spending to cover all key local services, such as police and fire services  
  • Council tax to be used to improve towns and cities, not to pay for critical services 
  • End the persecution of claimants by the DWP and protect welfare payments
  • Eradicate gender pay gap  
  • Reduce working week incrementally while upholding productivity 
  • Remove barriers to equality for all regardless of disability, gender, colour, ethnicity, or sexual orientation 
  • Fully compensate 50s and 60s women impacted by pension age changes and reduce retirement age to 60 for all 


  • Ensure access to Justice for all regardless of means  
  • Major investment in the court system  
  • Overhaul family court focusing on mediation and protection  
  • Invest in legal aid  
  • Focus and invest in rehabilitation of offenders 


  • Scrap VAT  
  • Abolish National Insurance and roll it into a single PAYE tax 
  • Introduce an automatic tax credit for all (Universal Basic Income) 
  • Police, Fire Services, Libraries etc paid for centrally so that council tax is focused on improving cities and towns 
  • Create a social transformation fund
  • Scrap IR35


  • We are committed to equality of the people, for the people, run by the people
  • Abolish peerages and titles
  • The Crown will be brought into full public ownership  
  • Crown estates tenant farmers will be given full ownership of their land  
  • Cornwall and Lancashire duchy tenants will be given full ownership of their lands or properties 
  • All Crown Royal properties will be brought into full public ownership and opened to the public, including Buckingham palace  
  • Crown artworks and other possessions will be made available for public viewing  
  • Where possible plundered treasures will be returned to their rightful owners


Project Shine

Rise is a member led political party with community work at our heart. We will gain votes not by marketing spend, but by meeting community needs. By embedding ourselves in communities we will empower people.